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About Li-Jester

I am a young adult, Christian, content creator on YouTube looking to express and develop my talents as an artist, musician, voice actor, and writer. As an artist I primarily do character art but environments are also something I find I do quite well, self taught but my mother was an art major in college so she helped with my development quite so. As a musician I own a clarinet, a incan flute, a tongue drum, an ocarina, a saxophone, a kalimba, a Lyre and bongos, I play by ear and can't read sheet music currently but I can learn a song faster if I just listen to it anywho. As a voice actor I haven't had much traction but I've been practicing voices for over 15 years. As a writer I'm actually working on many books and working on my very own game/story for the game along with many other things related to my game. These skills and talents have been being worked on for 10 or more years so I have experience and practice.

Thank you for reading this if you did, God bless, have a good day!


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What Li-Jester is looking for

Anywhere on anything people need the help. However I don't want to work on anything NSFW. I joined to find people with similar talents as mine and find people I can connect and learn with, getting paid is an afterthought but now I would like to turn my talents into something I can get paid to do.