Actor, audio engineer, photographer, and indie filmmaker.

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About DPatton

Outside of voice acting, I have acted off and on in theater for about twenty years and have worked in photography/filmmaking for the past eight. I have also worked the technical side of the stage, setting up and running sound for one of the premier theater festivals in my current state, a handful of music festivals, and have worked as a VO coach both locally and online.

I have had vocal training in college, as well as close to a decade of working as a voice actor in everything from audiobooks to video games. I have had practice on location with multiple accents of English, ranging from the Shetland Isles of Scotland to south London, from Alaska to Texas, and a variety of foreign accents in English as well.

I am also happy to help out anyone on this site with anything from acting technique to equipment setup and use, just shoot me a message and I will reply as soon as I can!

  • @mrkrang

    Really impressive work. They managed to find the exact voice we were looking for from the brief.

    Very quick response, stated how long it would take them and stuck to the deadline. Very polished work and separated out the files clearly and promptly.

    We are very grateful for their time and professionalism. 100% would highly recommend them for your projects!

  • @kenwong

    David is very helpful and very receptive to feedback, he understood what I wanted and with his fantastic instructional voice he has helped narrate the following videos for my channel!


    I am more than glad to give a recommendation for David. Would definitely work with him again.