Whoops! I accidentally deleted my previous headline when I misunderstood what box I was filling out. I love voice acting, but I also really love directing. I seem to be not so good at the job of "producer", though.

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About Dogman-15

I have some experience in voice acting. I've been in a few videos by other people (like The Beard, known for his Team Fortress 2 comic dubs), but in addition to voice acting, I've found that I really enjoy directing. I'm trying to get more experience with directing, and I think this project will be a great way to do that. My other interests include playing piano, arranging music*, and playing video games (mostly PC and Nintendo systems).

I recently completed this comic dub that I'm very proud of: I even wrote the melody for the song! And I performed as Flam, too.

In April 2022, I completed this project: "The Nemesis" is an adaptation of a fan fiction starring Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, and Twilight Sparkle. It was a lot of fun to coordinate the voice actresses and artists on this one.

*Check out my Musescore profile and YouTube channel for music I've arranged or covered!

On the "back burner", I have a number of other small projects "simmering" that I hope to complete soon, or one day. With your help (and my money), you can help me realize these goals!


I'm still an amateur, so I don't have set rates yet.

What Dogman-15 is looking for

I like working on projects that take place in worlds I'm already familiar with, or characters I know. Having a really strong story helps, too. If it's a great story, I want to help tell it.

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