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About DoctorMenace

Hey there! I'm Doctor Menace, but my friends call me Zac!


Over the past 5 years, I have done voice-over work for radio dramas, comic
dubs, and a few podcasts. Most of which I’ve been asked to play a variety of
characters on a single show or production, a lot of the times main characters.  I’ve also been a video editor on comic dubs,
with a thesis film that I also wrote, directed, and produced, and was the audio
engineer for a radio drama series. You could say that I'm a "Zac-of-all-Trades!"

While I don’t mind working with the director over emails, I love to
work with voice direction to bring out the best possible performance. I take
any projects seriously and give it my all into any performances required.

I respond within 24-48 hours of messages and will send audio within the same amount of time.

I hope we can work together on many projects in the future!