Damiano De Luca

Damiano De Luca

I'm usually 'the' music guy.

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About Damiano De Luca

Hello everyone, my name is Damiano and I'm looking forward to working with you all!

I'm a musician and my passion is composing music. My dream is to one day write music for big productions, whether it be for online content creators/influencers or for the big screen.  

I'm also very passionate about voice acting and this year, I'd love to explore if it's a job that can be a reality for me.

This year, I've been working on creating a lot more content so that I can hopefully one day, survive off of my art. I love collaborating with others and learning new things.

Vanier College - 2018

Professional Music And Song Techniques

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What Damiano De Luca is looking for

Music side ~
First and foremost, I am a trained musician. I'd love to find work for composing music/producing music to videos. This has always been my goal and passion in life. More specifically for short films/movies, cartoons/anime.
I'd also like to offer my services as an instrumentalist. I'm a bass player but piano is also my second instrument.

Voice acting ~
One of the main reasons I've come to this website is to learn about and become a voice actor. It's something I always wanted to do either for video games or cartoons/anime.