Denise McKenna VO

Denise McKenna VO

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Such A Voice - 2021

Voice Acting

Instructed by Alan Schwartz, Tara Rao, Joleene Dirks

Voice acting, marketing, social media, pro studio.  Though I graduated in 2021, I have lifetime access to support and resources.

The Great Voice Company - 2021

Voice Acting

Instructed by Susan Berkley, Tia Marlier, Randy Dean

Courses included Speak to Perform, Narrating to Picture, and Great Voice Challenge Winter 2022 (Week 4 Winner).  I receive regular vocal coaching and audio mastering evaluations.  Group setting for immediate feedback and to offer support and encouragement to other voice talent.  

ACX Master Class - 2022

ACX Master Class Audiobook Narration/Meeting ACX Standards

Instructed by Dan O’Day and David H. Lawrence XVII

Intensive course taught everything from how to narrate audiobooks and character voice creation to how to properly record, edit, and master meeting ACX standards.  Lifetime access to all materials, training, and support community to bounce off ideas, share trends, and collaborate.

Dowling College - 1997

BBA Business Administration-Marketing

Instructed by Numerous

I graduated Summa Cum Laude and was part of the Phi Theta Kappa and Delta Mu Delta Honor Societies.  Dowling College was a private institution which closed in 2016.

Dowling College - 2003

Master of Education, Secondary

Instructed by Numerous

Courses taken for provisional Certification in Secondary Education.  Teaching experience included Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Keyboarding (Introduction), Entrepreneurship, Accounting I and II, and Web Design (Front Page).  Dowling College was a private institution which closed in 2016.


  1. Telephony/Voicemail:  USD $145 to $625 (320 words or less up to 2,500 words or more).

  2. Non-Broadcast (E-Learning, Explainer):  USD $168 to $1,440 (2 minutes or less up to 180 minutes or more).

  3. Internet Only/Web Explainer Videos:  USD $168 to $658 (2 minutes or less up to 45 minutes or more).

  4. Audiobooks:  USD Per Finished Hour $200-$400; accepting royalty share and royalty share plus.  **Please note that I do not edit out breaths in audiobooks; however, most are not discernible unless the storyline 

  5. Podcasts (2 x 15 seconds or less):  USD $96.

  6. Movie Promos:  USD $576 to $721 (Up to 30 seconds and up to 120 seconds).

  7. Long-Form Narration/Documentary:  USD $360 to $1,056 (Up to 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes).

  8. Radio/TV-Promos (Min Order 10 / Up to 10 secs each):  USD $145 to $337 (10 x Dry Liners, 11-20 x Dry Liners, and Promos Unlimited per hour session).

Rates dependent upon project duration, frequency, and your budget.  They include editing and mastering services; raw/unedited file rates are available.  I provide free edits for any mistakes I make though I will work with you directly and ask questions to keep these to a minimum (including proper pronunciation, vocal tone, etc.).  

What Denise McKenna VO is looking for

I love playing with my voice and bringing your creations to life!  I have done narrations, explainers (including the Voice of Addison for a UK-based institution), telephony, tutorials, a charitable environmental documentary, and even recorded time-synced spotter and crew chief instructions for an amateur race car driver to meet qualification requirements!  I want to continue growing and honing my craft.  I joined Casting Call Club to be able to work with you, the creative community, and I want to meet you where you are at on your creative journey.  I'm patient, compassionate, and easy to work with, and I want to create long-term collaborative relationships.  I believe Casting Call Club will allow me to strengthen and explore my creative range and muscle and provide opportunities to meet and work with people from all around the world.  I look forward to working with you!