DJ Reed

DJ Reed

An experienced voice looking for full-time professional work in the entertainment field doing what he enjoys doing.

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About DJ Reed

DJ Reed is an Actor, Vocalist, Voice Actor, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native. He grew up in the Roxborough section of the city and spent several years in an Academic Music program in the City of Philadelphia Public School system. While he is a trained voice actor and vocalist, he continues to practice and learn more about the art-form as there is always more to learn. His original career was not in the entertainment industry, as he holds an Associates Degree in Computer Science and Bachelor's Degree in Technology Management. In addition to his career, he volunteers with youth through local scouting organizations and enjoys learning new languages.

Mike Lemon Casting - 2021

Essentials Skills for Voiceovers

Instructed by Joanne Joella

For individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in VO, they must know what to bring to the competitive “table.” This six-week course clearly describes what is expected of talent – what’s working and what needs attention in their auditions. Taught by one of the top coaches in the area, you’ll learn Essential Facts, Practices and Current Industry Standards in Voice over. Students will prepare reads in all styles of VO. 

Susan's Studio for Voice, Piano, Guitar & Acting - 2021

Vocal Singing Lessons

Instructed by Susan Whitenack

Susan's Studio offers private lessons for voice, piano, guitar, and acting.  I am taking ongoing singing lessons to maintain and build my vocal capabilities.

Such-A-Voice - 2009

You’re on the Air - Voice Over Class

Instructed by

Introductory class to Voiceover script reading.  Single evening 'course'.  Would not recommend - it is more of a marketing type gathering where you 'practice' reading a script but you're not told much about it in order to 'recruit' you into their program.


Non-Broadcast Scripts:

MinutesWord CountPricing0 – 2 minutes300 or less$2502 – 5 minutes300 – 750$5005 – 15 minutes750 – 2,250$100015 – 30 minutes2,250 – 4,500$150030 – 45 minutes4,500 – 6,000$250045 – 60 minutes6,000+$3000

Television/Radio/Online - Negotiable w/use

What DJ Reed is looking for

DJ is looking for Voiceover work in the areas of Commercial, Character Voice Acting (animation), as well as other roles as he grows myself and his talents into the entertainment industry.  He is looking for constant full time paying work - or some equivalent thereof - and the ability to enjoy what he is doing.