Elite Chris

Elite Chris

"Just because you aren't who they want you to be doesn't mean that you can't choose who you want to be." - Quoted by Me

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About Elite Chris

Hello everyone and if you stumbled upon this buy or some sorts then good for you. In short gist, I'm what people would like to call a dreamer and people usually refer to me as Elite or Chris whatever floats their boat. Now one thing that of course a lot don't know about me is that I'm someone that has a big mind for a lot of interesting and maybe even crazy ideas that a lot have not thought of if not haven't yet thought of. And the huge model that I always go by when I think about my future and my career is "if no one else will do it then who will?" that keeps me rolling. But as someone that is very not as talented and really has a limited talent I clearly can't do too much on my own and as much as I would love to learn new skills I've just never been that type of person that's been good at anything in my life and I've always failed and got back up and I've done that hundreds if not thousands of times but this is that one time that I think that things are going to turn around for the better and I'm going to really make something happen that's going to really be big in the world something that will almost act as a voice and reach out to all of the people across the world and something that people will look at and be like "he did that! that resonates with me." So, I hope that everyone is excited as I am because I'm very glad to meet new people and to make some new partners and friendships through the projects that I have for the world to see!