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Steven Paige

Semi-professional artist and professional nerd.

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About Steven Paige


Hey! I'm Steven Paige. I am an artist, singer, and out-of-practice voice actor.



Art: I've been drawing for 12-13 years traditionally and 5-6 years digitally. I use the application IbisPaintX on a Samsung Tab.

Singing: I am a self-taught singer and I look up to stars such as Ewan McGregor, Drew Gasparini, F. Michael Haynie, Rob Schneider, and Kasie Gasparini. My voice is more suited for musical theatre songs than pop or any other genre in my opinion, but hey I'm willing to be proved wrong! I've been singing for maybe 10 years. but only started wanting to improve in 2018.

Voice Acting: I started voice acting in November of 2020, but it's mostly been a hobby and not something I take too seriously. However, when I get my PC fixed or buy a new one, I may take another shot at it. I have been in and out of it ever since 2020.


Nothing at the moment since I am currently busy with my own projects and my facilities to do voice or art work are down.

What Steven Paige is looking for

Anything as long as it's not inappropriate as I am a minor.

  • @milkyastory

    disappointmentTOasrt you have got the part as lilly please talk to mr after or go to this link

  • @luna-usami

    DisappointmentT0ast is a very talented and gifted voice actor! I would highly recommend them if you are currently looking for a voice actor.

    They're an amazing person in general and are quite nice!

  • @megan_studioz

    Cree is amazing!! They are so active and creative on the project! They're productive and is often one of the first to notice an announcement or poll. They're also really kind and friendly and has an AMAZING voice!!
    (I love your singing >:D)
    I totally recommend them for your project!
    Don't stop being awesome! ^^

  • @rixvx

    They are really good! They’re art is inSANELY good and you’d be amazed with their work if you hired them. They are going to be doing big things some day

  • @Pizzaandcheesesauce

    I found their work on discord, and I'm impressed. 

  • @thebluejay

    Been working with them for about a year or so now. They handle the animation of their projects, as well as the scripting and directing. Wonderful show runner, and great voice artist as well. Love getting to be a part of their projects!