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About Nozomi

Writer/editor & voice actress/Vtuber.  Vtuber on REALITY. Vtuber on twitch.
Super friendly, sweet and ready to tackle anything

Yale College (Coleg Cambria) - 2011

Performing Arts

Instructed by

Did performing arts where I learnt to articulate my voice well, work on accents, sang with accents. I learnt to play a multitude of roles, emotions and parts for any production we did.

Later on I mainly spent my free time perfecting the skills I already had. When I host storytimes in my discord server I will always add voices to every character.


Right now I am just looking to get myself out there. Pricing can always be negotiated with who hires me at a later date

What Nozomi is looking for

I am happy to work on any type of voice acting work right now. I am looking for experience to get myself out there and build up a good portfolio. I aim to be a well known voice actress aa well as being able to future my career as a Vtuber as well.

I want to give voices to amazing characters people create