I’m gay

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About MaxieBee

Hey! I’m Maxie. I can draw, I can animate, and voice act! I’m a young adult, I’m autistic and non binary. 


Don’t have a price range, I can do stuff for free until I get enough experience 

What MaxieBee is looking for

Mostly to help out with projects art wise. Or voice wise 

  • @OtterlyTired

    Maxxie is an incredibly talented and dedicated artist, I am on a project with them currently and they work fast and it always comes out looking beautiful! They are extremely polite and present themself very well. 

  • @_-spicyhot-_

    Maxie and I work on several different projects together including ones we own ourselves. She's one of the most professional and uplifting people I know, she always turns things in on time and quickly. I recommend her from anything to voice acting to being a back up artist; she's truly a wild card and can do most of anything. If your project is lacking positivity Maxie can single handedly rase the spirts and moods of everyone. ❤️

  • @Castyerlines

    Recommending this wonderful person for their highly personalised and individualistic feedback, a pleasure to work with!