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I do da voices. I can act in both Spanish and English (and some other languages) in a variety of different accents (though I normally speak with soft Bajio Mexican/West Coast American accents respectively) and voices. I got a bit of voice acting as well as Live action acting experience but of course I'm only advertising my voice acting here. I've got experience writing and all that jazz, I've written scripts and short stories and aspire to do more book/script writing some day. I'm also a musician for a local band currently known as both Viciousness and Tulum, I'm both a drummer and singer, and in case you need us to record music for ya, we are a 4 piece band, aside from me we also have 2 guitarists and a bassist. I would say I'm best with the stereotypical teenage anime protagonist/egotistical villain type voice, though I have a bit more range that so I wouldn't limit myself to just those types of characters. Foreign accents are also something I consider myself ok at, I tend to have a more stereotypical accent with some while with others it can be more subtle and down to earth (I promise I won't be the guy who says he can do a good russian accent then just sounds like a really bad Schwarzenegger impression)

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    Hilarious, fun, easy to talk to and direct. Just the kind of voice I was looking for. The audition was amazing and I am very happy to have him be apart of this project!