Skylar Tubilan

Skylar Tubilan

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About Skylar Tubilan

Hi, I'm Blue I do voices and I like to Voice Act!  Twitter: @SkylarOfTubilan


$0.75 per Minute Average Rates

$5.25 - Short Comic Dub
$13.00 - Full Comic Dub
$16.00 - Scripted Work

Additional Rates

~ $3.00 - Creative Freedom
~ $5.00 - Fan Dubs
~ $10.00 Long term Fan Dubs
~ $25.00 NSFW Work 

Payment will be Accepted on PayPal and Ko-fi

What Skylar Tubilan is looking for

I'll voice for Anime, Comic Dub, Fandub, Animation and Videogames! (Paid gigs mostly)
I will not voice Gacha Life and Sims and VRChat Sessions. 

  • @blue_six_blitz

    This guy is me on an Alternative account be sure to follow them if you want to receive work from me!

  • @tru-blu

    He is an amazing VA that deserves more love!

  • @greenbeanxp

    really an amazing voice actor, I recommend him <3

  • @josephhynesva

    Skylar is someone (like me), Who always puts his mind to whatever character he voices. His dedication to everything he does is what should inspires others to always push forward and never give up on their passions. I've had the pleasure to work alongside Skylar on many projects and to teach him the ropes with voice over as we walked through this journey together. I highly recommend his voice for your projects is your looking for someone full of energy and spirit for the field.