David Rodgers

David Rodgers

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About David Rodgers

Ex soldier of 12 years experience, sole trade business owner for 10, creative lunatic for 8 years. David has a love of motorsport, horology and space exploration which gives him some distinctive characteristics. David is a geek first and foremost but also a soldier with a quick snap from friendly and approachable to aggressive and driven! David is a storyteller who revels in bring fun and joy to others but also a businessman who has a cold cut and logical mind, these are the components that he reaches into daily for all aspects of his life and something that he brings forward to his characters too.


Continuous Development within the VoiceOver Network - 2021 - Current

A Complete Guide to Getting Started in Voiceover - VoiceOver Network  May 2021

Matt Zina Acting - Voiceover Masterclass June 2021

Matt Zina - Matt Zina Acting, Continuous Training & Development, 2016-Current

Jo Adamson-Parker - Northern Drama Acting Studio, 2018-2020

Mark Hindman-Smith - Ravenwood Cinematic Combat, Foundation Level, 2016-2017

The Yorkshire School of Acting Masterclass 2016

Serving Army Reservist with 10 years experience(Infantry)

Firearms trained with Assault Rifles, Pistols, Machine Guns and Sharpshooter Rifles

Flying Experience with the Air Cadets for Glider and Light Aircraft

Valid Clean UK Driving License with off-road military training

Valid UK Passport

EXPERIENCE(Full Experience on Spotlight)

David is currently a regular in the Dead Evil Tales Horror series where he has worked on 3 of their 4 released projects, lead in 2 of those chapters and currently lined up for a further 3 episodes.

David has worked for a personal client delivering vocal sounds for their streams.

He has also worked with Rocking Horse Pictures on a corporate internal video.

he has performed VO within indie short films.


- Best Lead Actor(Male) - Too Far Gone - WinterSun International Film Festival - 2019 Season 1

- The Rising Star Award Nominee - The VoiceOver Network Awards UK - 2022

- Home Studio of the Year Nominee - The VoiceOver Network Awards UK - 2022

David's full experience including stage and screen can be found at


David's Equipment - 

- Sound Treated Booth

- Aston Spirit Mic

- Audient iD14 Mk2 Audio Interface

- ATH M50x Monitors

- Logic Pro DAW


£200 initial hour session fee £100 for subsequent hours up to 4 hours for a single session. Rates are negotiable based on project, involvement and roles, message directly to discuss.

What David Rodgers is looking for

I'm a massive geek, I look for projects that feed my inner nerd, my childish side but also something more challenging for the business mind and soldiering part of my life and characteristics. Be it aggression or comedy I'll deliver a truthful performance that will bring something special to your project!