Roblox Animator / Editor and Music Producer

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About Darknova

I'm Darknova, 28 years old and my main skill's are mostly in media area's like Music, Video and Art in general.

I've been remixing and producing music for about 3 year's now, Just got into learning how to score my own work so copyright doesn't become an issue.

Favourite songs I have produced:

Adam Sandler Kreekcraft Remix

RDC Kreekcraft / Steak Remix

Freaking Wall Kreekcraft / Steak Remix

King Of FNAF Markiplier Remix

As much as my online persona is mostly noticed through my musical abilites and my ability to make anyone and their mother sing I also can animate in Roblox Studio and make my own stories which can be seen in my roblox series Storytime With The Noob which is based on a web series that I used to make back in the 2010's called The Noob.

I mostly come on this site to look for VA's to voice the character's that I come up with in storytime or anything that involves animation with voices involved