Writer, gamer, editor, and project leader. I am also a massive fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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About TheDarkLord

I am writer, storyteller, and a nerd that cares about making sure each creative project that I am involved in reach its full potential.

I am also am a part time co-writer for the Youtuber Phoenix Studios's online content. Which includes some of his film and TV pitches, as well as movie rewrites.

I was also a mod tester for the Strategy and Tactics mod. A submod of the very popular Lord of the Rings RTS Mod, the Edain mod.

What TheDarkLord is looking for

I am working on a Knights of the Old Republic 3 Mod project. I would like to have it done as a complete mod but if not. I will use the story of the mod as the foundation for a video series to share with fans of the KOTOR games.

I joined the Casting Call Club because I need volunteers to help with the project.