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The 300 blackout drum magazine is excellent for all three cartridge dimensions and also is best for range job as well as self-defense. This skeletonized, billet light weight aluminum drum publication is designed with the current 5-Axis machining technology. Its skeletonized design enables the ammunition to be noticeable. It likewise makes the gun streamlined and also well balanced, permitting it to fire properly regardless of the number of rounds are packed in it. It likewise features a drum-like cyndrical tube that fits the basic AR-15.The 300 Blackout drum magazine was developed to offer reliable feeding. The conventional AR-15 design magazine can not fit the cartridge, and also therefore shooters have actually needed to endanger on dependability. Because the projectiles can be of different weights, the rifle can lose precision and total integrity. The PMAG 30 AR 300 B is the very first specialized magazine for the cartridge. While various other magazines were made for other cartridges, the PMAG 30 AR 300 B has a far better feed method and also increased reliability.The rifle includes the same polymer construction as 5.56 L5AWM mags and also steel feed lips. Its inner geometry was improved to suit the much heavier 300 BLK subsonic ammunition. The outcome is boosted integrity and also complete capacity in an offered mag. It works with all rifles in the AR-15 as well as M16 family members. If you want to buy a 300 BLK drum magazine for your weapon, you can locate the right one on Amazon.com.