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Voice Acting Resume

The News Report – Rose Evergreen – IAmMaddieAtYou

Damien – Rose Evergreen – IAmMaddieAtYou

One Heart, One Soul – Connor – darlingrose

Don’t Let It In – Demonic Entity – future_void

StonesBurrow – Anker Stout (Secondary Role) – morgan4067

The Death Of My Past – Liam – The Spcture

Jake and Clint – Jack Hoffmen (Main Antagonist) – CringeInduvidual

BATTLE FOR MEGA CITY (Fortnite Movie) – Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara) - FortShorts

Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL: Eternal (Fan Series) – Yuma Tsukumo (Lead) – Starr#0481

Time To Obey Me, Master - Coffee Shop Owner - ZumiiChuka

Peppercorn Shore Entities - Ernie The Space Octopus (Game Character) - Mr. M & Mr. B

The Weight Of The Future / An Animated YouTube Series - David Berlusconi - anin-okiru

The Cerebrum Procedure - Tommy (Antagonist) - future_void

Bobby the Alien (Character Short) - Actor - inside_sams_mind


Any price is acceptable.

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Any type of project.