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ACOM - 2023

Digital Media/ Capstone

Instructed by Clint Gima

Took the class for 4 years and was taught on Final Cut Pro X, Basic Video Film, Digital Equipment, and sometime Story Boarding.

What D0lphinIolani is looking for

For my overall goal is to learn voice acting, such as theatrics, having a natural and versatile voice, able to memorize the script, etc. I'm signing up to this that could be my long-term career. I wanna be able to have a fun and have a positive and shameless environment where I wake up every day, always feeling excited to go to work. But in order to do all these things, I must be taught properly, just like a student. Also a side note, I also wanna know how to sing in my ability. I've been practicing but didn't get guided on. I did songwriting but the entire project became a mess for me, so I wanted to learn the basics and hopefully somewhere there for me to help find my range and teach me techniques that music artist use doing performing.