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Motivated voice actor, ready to give it their all for your project!
Don't be afraid to reach out, I am excited and eager for most concepts that come my way! You can reach me here or at CoreyVA#7296 on discord.

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Closing Credits - 2023

Voice Acting 301

Instructed by Brendan Hunter

This course with Brendan went into the high detail of the essentials of voice acting. It further explored the schools of acting that are available today. Methods of taking on scripts and isolating emotions, further utilizing the expressions that come with those emotions, and most importantly, utilizing them without being wrapped up in a stiffness that can come from overthinking on your creative endeavor. The class taught excellent techniques for microphone usage and general sound quality desire. In this class, I had more opportunities to receive feedback, and greatly further my potential in voice acting.

Closing Credits - 2023

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by John Wang

This class helped me by broadening my ability to use emotions in combination with each other, bringing them more closely into observation as to what they are, what they can sound like, and how they could be changed in various discerning ways appropriate for the intended effect of a scene, and introduced to me the concept of improv and how it is fun and helpful towards being more flexible with a role. Beyond that, it helped me identify viable methods of getting involved into the VO industry.

Closing Credits - 2023

Authentic Commercial Voiceover

Instructed by Dave Bisson

My time with this class was invaluable in developing my overall methodology in providing commercial reads. That said, it was also a profoundly insightful class on the entire structure of acting and how to genuinely sound authentic by simply taking away the effort and simply talking. This class shifted my experience in acting in a fundamental way, very helpful, and I had a very happy learning experience with Dave Bisson who was willing to go over the process he developed in high detail.

Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang

An excellent foundation class that introduced me to the technique and terminology necessary to succeed in voice acting, by enthusiastic teachers that helped me, and others step completely into the role of being a voice actor.

  • @Blacklight2508

    Corey has been incredibly easy to work with and a remarkable voice actor. He hands in great time and in amazing quality. He listens to direction given to him and understands what emotions he needs to channel once he's read a script that he takes time to read. He is a highly motivated voice actor who genuinely takes interest in all project that come his way. Easily one of the most talented voice actors I have worked with.

  • @prova10

    Hard to state how perfect of a VA Cor is, he actually gave me variety in his auditions, whereas others did the exact same take over and over again (he legitimately read what I was looking for and provided it right away) they even took my criticism and redid the lines to make sure they fit perfectly with the project, and here’s a really good note  to any project owners! He was willing to come back for any follow up lines for the characters he voices, and didn’t even hesitate for a second so it’s my absolute delight to heavily recommend him to whoever reads this, and I look forward to working with him again 😎 

  • @moxxielorenze

    I am really thankful that Corey auditioned for my project. His audition immediately stood out to me, and as more and more people auditioned I kept going back to Corey's audition. Corey offered variety and seemed to understand the character before the script was even given. He responds well to notes given to him, and the sheer quality of his voice acting skills are astronomical. 

  • @aliusnemo

    I couldn't be happier with CoreyVA. Professional, easy to work with, and delivers quality voice acting. The character turned out so much better than I could have hoped for. I cannot recommend enough! Would be a great asset to anyone's project!

  • @Zobisbk

    Corey is a talented voice actor. He did his lines just the way I wanted them for my character. He did a great job even though he had a minor role in my project. He is friendly and easy to work with. I hope to recast him in the future. 

  • @okemian

    Corey immediately secured his place as The Pixie in my latest project the moment I heard his audition, he didn't hold anything back and after that every other audition just couldn't compete. He brought such a wonderful energy character that brought it to life and when I gave him some lines to improvise on he delivered even more than I'd hoped, clearly engaging with the character and showing a passion for what he does. Was such a pleasure to work with him and my only regret is that his character didn't feature in more episodes.