Chris Reidburn

Chris Reidburn

Just a voice actor who wants to bring your characters to life for your project! 

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About Chris Reidburn

I love voice acting and want to work with YOU on a project! I've voiced video game characters, national and international TV commercials, a documentary film, fan dubs, and other "stuff." 🎙

Roles from CCC:

Shocker - Spiderman Fandub

Jesse Alexander - Nova Fandub
Narrator - Djinn Webtoons Teaser

Victor Foley - Fight On Podcast Series

Beast - Marvel vs Capcom: War of Reality Fandub

Sir Arthur - Marvel vs Capcom: War of Reality Fandub

Rolf - Bones & Ankha: The Movie

King Midas - Boneman: Danger Island Webseries

Henchman - Spectacular Spiderman: Kingpin

Criminals 1 & 2 - Spiderman 2022 Fandub

Guard 2 - Causality Episode 2

Mark Stevens - Storm Chasers Game

Supreme Commander Okan - Galactic Survey: One Small Step

Luigi - Ultimate X Crossover Game

Stormtrooper - Star Wars: Indispensable Fan-made Legend Audio Drama

Imperial Officer- Star Wars: Indispensable Fan-made Legend Audio Drama

Galactus - Fantastic Four Fandub

Galvatron - Transformers Beast Wars Episode 1

Ad Guy - Fourteen Nights with Fred FNAF fan game

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Such A Voice - 2020

Voice Acting

Instructed by Jessi Keenan

Recorded my first demo reels in 2020!

Eartoons - 2021

Animation character work

Instructed by Lisa Biggs
Richard Redfield - 2020

Trailer Promos Workout/Workshop

Instructed by Richard Redfield
Donovan Corneetz - 2022

Promo coaching session

Instructed by Donovan Corneetz
Red Scythe - 2023

Animation character workout

Instructed by Matt Curtis
Real Voice LA - 2023

Animation/Video Game character workout

Instructed by Matthew Rudd

I'm here to work with YOU! I have done both paid and nonpaid projects and can work with your budget.

What Chris Reidburn is looking for

I'd love to bring some characters to life and will ONLY do SFW projects. My goal is to work with as many people as possible and become a full time voice actor. CCC is part of my process! 

  • @jt424

    Chris voiced Victor Foley, a greedy businessman in my audiobook "Fight On." Chris is one of the most professional vocie actors I've worked with on my audiobooks,Not only was his audio solid and his voice was clear, but he also took direction incredibly well. He immediately got Victor's personality and came up with a distinctive voice for him without me even giving him an example or something to go off of. I had wanted to work with Chris for a while and I'm so happy I fianlly got the chance. I wasn't disappointed and I have no doubt that anyone who casts will won't be, either!

  • @daksdoesstuff

    Chris provided me the lines I needed for my project in a prompt and professional manner. I highly recommend him!

  • @Brayden-Anthony

    Chris is an amazing person to work with! He really has this type of range to bring some characters to life and things of that nature. Would definitely recommend

  • @clankywinky

    Chris was amazingly understanding and extremely cooperative, he was everything i was looking for as a VA and he voices were fantastically good, his mic quality is great as well. overall 10/10

  • @cooper-p

    Super Easy to work with and an amazing voice! Totally recommend!!

  • @Regenic-Studios

    Amazing voice actor! Got the lines done quickly, I definitely recommend!