Genuine Voice for every role is my motto

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About CrazyGCore

I'm 24 years old. Upcoming YouTuber Voice Actor. I'm really good at villain voices if you want a villain for a series hit me up. I use my natural voice for all my roles; meaning no modifications, no alterations. What you hear is what you get from me. If you're curious about anything about me my messages are always open and would be more than happy to clarify anything.

Roles I've Voiced for: All of these were all done without a professional microphone as the time of writing this I haven't gotten one, quite yet

Georgetown University- Kole Decaro

Soarin' High- Ashley's Dad

Majestica- Captain

Elementals (not disney)- Background Character 1

Pine Wood/Glitchy_Rose- Mrs. Hamm, Mr. Root, Dawn (Night) All for Episode 3

Wings of Fire Animated- Voice of Dune

Lifewright- Officer Flint

Minecraft the Crusaders RP- Snow

The Lost Boy- Professor Mackley

MHA Gaming Channel- Tenya Iida (really the only one)

Star Wars: Rise of the empire roleplay- Bounty Hunter

Weird Life- Doctor

Forest Pizzeria- Dayguard (Jack), Mechanic (Dave), Duke the Bear, Bengi The


Roommate Secrets/Glitchy_Rose- Jadon

Underdog and Superpup- Cad

Tuff Puppy Fandub- Henchmen

Berry World Studio's Creepypasta- Facility Guard

Minecraft FNAF 6 Series- Chef (Chris), Rockstar Freddy (Formerly), Molten Freddy, Neddbear

Love Sick Spirit404- Extra

Extra project roles that I forgot about- Foxy the Pirate about 3 times

Closing Credits - 2023

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Joe Goffeny