Hi! Looking for a VA, or a singer? Then you've come to the right place! :D Glad you stopped by my page~

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About ChlosettiaVA

VA . Singer . Artist . Writer . Animator . Designer


(she/her) Chlosettia, is a 16 year old HS student that has a passion for gacha animation, voice acting, artistry, singing, dancing, and performing on stage.

(Less active on CCC, more active on discord) We love screaming in our mics. ^^


3 years of VA experience

10 years of traditional art

3 years of digital art

experienced in adobe suite programs, illustrator, indesign, photoshop


Scarlet 212


feel free to dm me if you'd like me to voice in your project !! ^^ I'll likely respond much quicker there! Looking forward to working with you!

PS: You may know me as CozyChloKE or ChlosettiaVA on YouTube

heres my Carrd for more details !


Currently Freelance, but I accept paid offers too.

What ChlosettiaVA is looking for

Voice Acting Gigs, Cover Collabs