Isaac C

Isaac C

Artist, writer, actor, nerd.Any pronouns.

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About Isaac C

Transmasculine Thespian Honor Society member! <3

I have 3 years of acting & improv experience and many, many years of drawing & writing experience. I have traveled to two one-act competitions as a stagehand/understudy. I have experience with short story writing, playwright work, and to an extent, novel writing and comic scripting/drawing. I have worked in a group for many years, and have even held a job involving children.

I'm hoping to get into and improve my voice acting and will be purchasing a proper microphone soon.

Please DM if you need info such as my age, ethnicity, etc.


Generally, for voice acting, I am currently looking to do free work or very cheap work. 

Art is a very case-by-case basis. The most I have ever charged is $50. 

Writing is extremely case-by-case. I have never taken a paid writing job.

What Isaac C is looking for

I am looking to get professional work experience, even if it's for free! I prefer original projects over fan projects - usually.