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Corax Cole

German Army Veteran, Short Story Author, Narrator and Voice Actor. Let the fun begin!

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About Corax Cole

I'm a german guy that writes and narrates radio play style horror stories in german and english. I used to produce sketches, short Movies and real crime documentaries on unsolved and mysterious events.
My daily job consists mostly of podcasts, giving presentations and starring in educational videos that are produced exclusively for companies, banks and federal agencies.
I used to produce, film, act, edit and master video and audio, from short skits, to commercials, to short movies to feature length documentaries. I also draw/paint and do photography on the side. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a Jack of all trades, but when it comes to audio and video production I am a one man army.

Udemy - 2022

Voice Acting & Character Voices for Video Games & Animations

Instructed by Voiceover Masterclass, Beter Baker

Even tho I was used to go  for the "learning by doing"-approach, I figured getting to know the industry standards and basics as well as learning old and new tricks would be a good choice. This course helped me out immensly with things  I did naturally but could never quite explain myself. 

Udemy - 2022

Home Studio Audio Production For Voice Acting and Voice-Over

Instructed by Voiceover Masterclass, Beter Baker

I wanted to "come out of the closet" for my Voice acting and decided to build a complete new booth in a different part of my flat. This course helped me immensely with getting rid of old bad habits and customs, taht actually did cost me a couple of gigs and jobs.

Udemy - 2022

Voice Training - Develop A Deeper, Sexy & Charismatic Voice

Instructed by Voiceover Masterclass, Beter Baker

I can't begin to describe just how valuable this training was to me personally. I used to strain my voice unneccessarily and could develop a way more healthy way of speaking. Plus, this actually works wonders in getting a deeper, calmer and more charismatic voice. I did a before and after - audio recording to record my process and the result is actually phenomenal. I can't reccomend this course (or at least the lessons given in it) enough.


Always depends on the project. I do apply for little paid and unpaid projects but

Professionally narrated or acted sessions will usually be charged and rates would need to be asked (note: This is only for professional projects, not fandubs, fan-projects of fun-projects to which I apply on my own accord):

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Fun. Duh!