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Hi! I’m Rosa. I’m a young artist looking to make a living off my stuff. I storyboard and I can create sprites, as well as character design sheets. I use clip studio for Ipad, and I‘ve been using it for about three years now. My page:


Im willing to talk about pricing depending on the workload. 

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  • @KJburbank

    Rosa is an amazing director and VA. I have been working on Rosa's latest project alongside many other VAs, and Rosa has made such a positive and professional working environment for everyone. After submitting lines, I was immediately greeted with compliments. When needing retakes, I'm told different ways to approach certain lines, and why. 

    Rosa is genuinely the best director I've worked with, I'm completely serious. If you ever get the chance to get on a project with her, DO IT

  • @ht

    Rosa is genuinely such a talented and kind individual who I feel honored to work with. She is the director for a project I'm in and she does absolutely amazing when it comes to vocal direction. Her art and writing is beautiful and she puts so much love and care into every single detail and is very open when it comes to new ideas. If you are on the fence about working with Rosa I highly suggest you work with her, words cannot describe exactly how talented she is!!

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