Conor Bliss

Conor Bliss

Baritone voice and an excellent capacity to sound like I've just come from the 1940-70 film era (optional.)

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About Conor Bliss

I am a hobbyist Voice Actor of a young age and a lower to middling vocal register. I don't consider this a career, yet nevertheless I will always put forth as much effort as I can to help you create the best media or product possible insofar as my voice lends to it.

I don't have a good demo/example audio uploaded at this time; I will be uploading one again once I've taken the time, but feel free to listen to my submissions or actual work I've done.
I normally only audition directly for projects individually, so my profile isn't a heavy priority, but I will be updating it.

Contact me by either messaging me your discord or emailing me at cabliss.talent (gmail)


If I audition for a project I'll usually do free work, unless it just happens to be a paid role.

If you ask me to voice something for you after having heard me on a project:

I don't usually do this for people, but if your request isn't too obscene, unusual, or outright beyond my skillset, we'll discuss a rate by word count.
Absolute minimum of 10$ if you literally just want me to say a quick line for something (perhaps a soundboard clip or reading out a meme.)

I do prefer to audition for projects on my own time since this isn't a career for me.

What Conor Bliss is looking for

Looking for projects that have relatively low stakes, but I absolutely prefer a somewhat professional atmosphere and structure.