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I am a storyteller, above all else. That's my passion. My craft of choice, though, is as a voice actor. I've been an active voice actor since 2014, but have been practicing for much longer. I have also been writing my stories for decades, getting them both on paper and on various websites. After leaving my retail job, I went to college and got my degree in communications, where the world of audio and visual storytelling opened up to me. I've been telling my stories from behind a camera and in front of a microphone ever since. I love collaborating with fellow storytellers to bring even more stories to life.

  • @pawpaw-greg

    I've known CitrusGuy for some time now. What can I say, other than he is a stellar performer. He operates with a deep philosophy of a high level of professionalism while delivering a level of skill that is stellar. I highly recommend him for your wonderful projects!