"Hey Everybody, it's Me yes me, Chocolate Controller."

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About ChocoControl

I have a YouTube Channel that I edit my own Videos for, so there's that.

I am fairly New to Voice Acting, but I've been working with my friend on getting better, and I have done Impressions of Various Characters all the time, so I think I'm pretty decent.

I LOVE Nintendo, so I'll probably be auditioning for a LOT of those types of things.

I also play Bass and Guitar, as well as SOME Keyboard/Piano and SOME Drums (I am Primarily a Bassist), and I sing. I LOVE The Beatles.

(I am He/Him, but I have a high-ish Voice, and could probably do Female Child and Teen Voices)


I don't generally charge, but if I DO audition for a Paid Role, and I get on, I would prefer a somewhat decent pay, depending on the type, severity, and length (word count AND duration of project) of the role.

For Example: A Main Character for an ongoing series that is planed to last about a year or so, I would probably prefer a higher pay than for a side character in a one-off/one video project.

What ChocoControl is looking for

I guess I would like to VA for Original Series that are either Slice-of-Life, Isekai (Regular or Reverse), or Fantasy Based (With like Elves and Magic and Knights, etc.). I also would like to VA roles for a Bassist or Guitarist in a Band (also singing, but only if it's Bass/Guitar AND Singing). There's also Manga Dubs (RomCom, Isekai, of Fantasy) And then I would enjoy Pokémon, Zelda, DDLC (as MC), or Omori fan projects (FanDubs, MAYBE RPs, Original Fan Projects, etc.).

I don't really have a main goal in mind. Just Kinda Doing VA stuff as a Side Passion thing.