An aspiring geek nerd artist,beginner-intermediate voice actress/singer,illustrator,future animator and writer full of imagination and fantasy hopes and dreams~ :3As she believes in those words : Be creative,because imagination is limitless,and believe in your dreams,because dreams can come true !~

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About Miss.Fantasticale

Mellow there ! I'm an artist who would like to be in different indie pop culture projects,(animated)series or maybe videogames,long-term or short-term,fandub or original dub,including french dubs !

Feel free to contact me through my dm,I'm on C.C.C everyday !


I'm rather looking for unpaid projects.However,I can accept to work in paid project (payement via PayPal only)

What Miss.Fantasticale is looking for

Any projects about pop culture,as long as I'm interested.Who knows ? ;3 Animation,videogames,fandubs,songs covers,comic dub...

Currently rather looking for voice acting and/or singing,but I'm also open for visual art roles such as character design,reference sheet for characters,backgrounds,etc...