Hello! I’m Chloe_GachaTubez, Your local Gacha Animator, Editor, and Voice Actor!

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About Chloe_GachaTubez

Hello, I am ChloeGachaTubez. A Gacha Animator, Editor, and Voice Actor. I am someone who will accept anyones offers if they pay me and/or if it’s not NSFW.

Pronouns - They/Her

Abilities - I can Animate, Write Scripts, Somewhat Voice Act, and Sing.

.·:*¨¨* ≈☆≈ *¨¨*:·.

I am a professional but beginner Live2D Animator

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『♡』Contact Information:『♡』

 Twitter: @ChloeObviously 

Email: Chloegachatubez @gmail .com

TikTok: @Chloe_GachaTubez

Discord Server: 

.·:*¨¨* ≈☆≈ *¨¨*:·.

I am currently UNABLE to animate for others. I am overworking myself by animating in a few other projects.


Depends what you want me to do.

Animating Prices:

.·:*¨¨* ≈☆≈ *¨¨*:·.

$2.00 per Model Making / Rigging

$5.00 - $10.00 per Animation Scene (depending on how long it is)

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Voice Acting:

.·:*¨¨* ≈☆≈ *¨¨*:·.

$0.25 per Sentence

.·:*¨¨* ≈☆≈ *¨¨*:·.

What Chloe_GachaTubez is looking for

Looking for VA’s! Go to my projects page to see if you’re interested!

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