Digital furry artist and amateur soundtrack maker that likes dystopian fantasy, horror, and sci-fi stories!

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About Charlugeist

She/They (Genderfluid - AFAB)

Heya, I’m Charlie. I’m a 24-year-old artist with a love dystopian fantasy and video games. I dabble in worldbuilding, writing concepts, digital art of the cartoon anthro variety, and soundtracks.

Best way to reach me is on this site , the email on my commissions site under the TOS page, or Discord.


I have a small Discord server with some artists, writers, and other creator types. Feel free to advertise or post some projects here.


SFW and NSFW projects
Furry art



Work for fandom projects (Rain World excluded)
Work for producers/creators under 18


Digital Art

I can create character sprites, stills, scenes for visual novels, fill in as a colorist, work on concepts and designs, plus more. Pricing is flexible, starting as low as $10 depending on the project, and I charge by the piece.

You can check my commission sheet for art examples.

Commission Sheet


Whether it’s a musical assistant or background music artist, I can offer instrumental soundtracks from somber or ambient to electrical and horror. Pricing is deferrable, I just wanna practice.

➤ SoundCloud Link

Bandcamp Link

What Charlugeist is looking for

Indie games, RPGS, visual novels, animatics, short films, anything of that sort and more if you think of it.
I enjoy projects that have anything to do with fantasy, animals, furries, etc.

I have a huge adoration for horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, as well as post-apocalyptic or dark themes under a colorful lens.

I am willing to experiment with writing, art, and music.