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About Chapter 15 Studios

Chapter 15 Studios is an indie studio made up of people working all across the U.S! Our sole project is the audio drama, He Who Forsakes the Crown!

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  • @thebreadishone

    Chapter 15 Studios is a team of such devoted writers, producers and storytellers. Their work is immaculate, intriguing, and they pour their hearts and souls into every little detail. This is their first project on CCC, but they've been making artwork, writing, and promoting He Who Forsakes The Crown for a few months now.

  • @julmors

    The Chapter 15 team is fantastic. Filled with enthusiasm, devotion, and creativity, they make a great team to work with. Despite being early on in He Who Forsakes the Crown, I can't sing their praises enough. Things have been well organized, from the discord server itself, to organizing read throughs, and dead lines. I am excited to see where things go!

  • @charaito

    I cannot say enough good things about Ch 15 Studios and their hardworking directors, editors, artists, and storytellers, many of whom are the same folks wearing different hats.
    Organized and passionate, from the moment I was brought onto the team, there was never a doubt about what to do next.
    Deadlines are given every 2 weeks, there's a weekly reminder, and directors are understanding with emergencies but still keep things running smoothly. We are currently recording for Chapter 30, with 1 episode being released on the 4th of every month, and I can say I am incredibly honored to be working with these talented individuals to help bring their tale to life.
    Working with Ch 15 Studios has not only been fun, but has allowed me room to grow and gain valuable experience as an actor. ♦️