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When it comes to voice over, I've been training for years. I've been involved in a few projects, but I had always put going too far into things to the side due to wanting to focus on education. Yet because of that, I feel like I've wasted so much time by not pursuing my goals. I've also been stuck in "analysis paralysis" where I just keep trying to learn more about voice acting instead of actually doing it. I started to realize that I was falling behind. So here I am, ready to actually voice act more! Aaaand, I'll still be taking classes and acting of course! Gotta stay fresh!

Thanks for having me!

Ah, right! I also create my own works sometimes.
I was definitely more active with that in the past though. Still, I haven't pushed all of my ideas completely aside. Instead, I'm often looking to translate my ideas into less time-consuming mediums. I usually intend to voice all of the characters in those projects because I'm so used to just doing all of my projects alone, but that's not really feasible. Expect me to come here for casting at some point after I get over the idea of asking people for help, ha hah!

Don't mind my achievements section. I'm just trying to get all the ones I can at this point.
Also, please don't mind the excessive text. I'm going for a certain achievement at the moment, ha hah!