I’m a high school theater kid who likes to act, sing, write, and make random jokes ㋛ I’m also a Melanie Martinez and Lana Del Ray fan <3

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About Caya

I have many years of experience in vocal training, so my range can go from a high-child like female voice to a medium-high male voice. I am a soprano but can also do alto notes of the higher range. I have been acting (in both film and theater) for over 10 years and have the capacity to display a wide variety of emotions in my voice.  


Anywhere from no pay, to low budget! I'm not looking to make a lot of money so any price works for me. 

What Caya is looking for

I can do webcomic dubs, voice acted gacha movies, animation dubs, manga dubs, and everything in between! I’m looking to improve my skills and have a good time! What I would not be comfortable with is doing voice acting that has a high level of profanity, sexual content, and extreme gore since I am a minor. However, some of this is fine as long as it’s not over the top.