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Cayby Elbourn

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About Cayby Elbourn

Greetings, CCC members! My name is Cayby Elbourn (or K.B. for short) and I'm 25 years old. I may be born with an Autism Spectrum disability, but I have a passionate hobby for working in entertainment. I specialize in video editing, audio engineering, voice acting, singing, writing, animating, etc.

I run my new channel KBJ Comix (a rebrand of CaybyJ) for posting creative edits, memes, and fan projects that can introduce newcomers to support my work. But so far, my channel is very limited with little attention from my six new uploads, and I'll soon take my time to produce more adequate content to attract the crowd.

I joined the CCC mainly for sharing some of my VO reels, and commissioning future fandub projects for members to find some interest in participating.

Equipment: Zoom H1n, Audacity, Adobe Audition, RVC (AI voice cloning)

What I Will Do: Paid work, unpaid work, animation, commercials, audio books, fanfiction reading, music, video games

What I Will Not Do: NFSW, scams, obscene fanfiction, unwanted requests

For professional inquiries, message me on here (or my Twitter) and you'll receive my email URL.