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About Cat Johnson

I am making a Fallout New Vegas expansive mod! If you're interested, want to know more, or possibly have a zinger of a voice you'd like to lend/writing talents/audio editing skills to hand, join, hit me up, chat with the other lovely people. Link below.

Howdy Ho. I'm Cat.

I'm an English dude that loves yelling and loves making noise even more. Depending on what you might need me for, or if you're just looking for an authentic British voice, I'm hopefully ya guy. Or girl. I do really good anime moans, if you need that for some obscure reason.

Call me.

(If you want to chat to me about anything at all, projects, auditions, my face, your face, hit me on discord. Cat#4035 )


I'm free because I'm notoriously bad.

  • @steambuff

    Good chap, have a good time working with, he provided a good narration for your audiobook.