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About CaptainDoofkin

Hello! I’m Gage and I’m an actor/voice actor! Graduated BFA Theatre Performance at Marshall University.

Let's make some magic together.

Marshall University College of Arts and Media - 2022

BFA Theatre Performance

Instructed by Jack Cirillo, Fulton Burns
West Virginia Governor's School for the Arts - 2016

Theatre Performance

Instructed by Tommy Schoffler, Shelby Garrett
- 2021

Musical Theatre Workshop

Instructed by Melody Betts
Intimacy Directors and Coordinators - 2021

Intimacy Direction Workshop

Instructed by Jill Matarelli-Carlson

Unless I audition for a project with different rates, my rates are as follows:
- $3 per line or $0.30 per word
- $40 per song (+$30 for mixing)

  • @deleted120920

    Doofkin is one of the best directors I've ever had the pleasure of working with! They are always looking for ways for everyone to improve and will coach everyone to get their and achieve that perfect vision. On top of that they are a super talented voice actor! That drive to improve always amazes me! They don't stop until they're 100 percent confident in their work and I love them for it! 10/10

  • @synsyn

    Doof is honestly such an inspiration as a voice actor, director and an overall leader. He is always passionate and meticulous with his works, and has a clear goal in mind for the final product of the project. Doofkin is always willing to improve others with his clear critique. In the few months I've worked with him, I've enjoyed every interaction I've had, and I look forward to more projects he plans on doing! His voice acting is so, so impressive and you can tell the ambition he has in anything he puts out, which will never cease to astound me.
    Thank you so much for everything you do, Doof! <3