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Calypso Torn

LUOS Game Director !!

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About Calypso Torn

I am looking for people to volunteer to commit to my project, and of course since this is an unpaid opportunity, you will be rewarded in another way:

  1. you will receive a special role based on your contributions towards the project upon joining our discord server, and a channel designated to your progress will be present (message me with your discord user for auditions before asking to join)

  2. once your job is done you will be added to my roster list and i will give you credits in game

  3. if you share the news about the game once i allow you to, you will receive a free copy of the game with a package specific to your role in the project !!

If that intrigues you, check out my project !!


I am hiring, not being hired

What Calypso Torn is looking for

I am directing production for my video game, LUOS, and I need people who are willing to volunteer to help me save lives through something people can enjoy.