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of Typologies in Psychology.

I Type myself as follows...
Phlegmatic (Choleric).
MBTI: INFJ-Turbulent.
Enneagram: 5 Wing 6.
Instinct Variants: One-on-One/Social (Sx/So).
Tritype: 582 (The Strategist).

Voice Actor: Active,
English, French (Français,) Spanish (Español.)

Daily Practice and ready-to-go, various Voice Tones,
am currently working on several Samples for a Demo Reel(s,)
I expect honest comments on those upcoming Demo Reel(s.)

Singer: Studying.

Daily Practice and Studying, I have already sung and written a few ones,
and that includes Translating and Adapting the Translations.

Artist: Active.
I mastered the Pixal Art and also studied different styles,

Software in use: GIMP 2.10, Paint (Windows 7-10.)
That Profile Picture is my Reddit Avatar for an upcoming Project done with the Software Sketch App, although I may not use it since I just made my Virtual Avatar and I'll going to use it. *Wide Smiling*

Animator: Studying.
With my Software Blender, I Modelled, Warped Textures, and Animated,
however due to some personal issues, I suspended my activities in that regard,
I consider myself "Studying" as suspending Blender means I'll have to recap
all my practices with it if I have to come back to it,
(I was in the stage of learning how to command and program
like a Video Game when I suspended against my heart,)
however, soon enough I will start a Fanmade Project
that relies on making 3D Animation and hopefully
may include Visual Effects.

Video Editor: Practicing.
I already made several ones but those were just basic,
I have yet a lot to learn.

Audio Engineer: Studying.
Am currently studying Sound Effects but it is more for entertainment
and not for Professional Purposes yet.

Writer: Standing By.
Long story short; my Passion, for now, I am in Stand By
until I get the right comfort for all inspirations.
I just worked on a fictional DnD Character's Backstory,
just so to oil my writing skills.

To Contact Me:

Discord: Cacofuniegoo#5359

[NOTE:] Am also familiar with the following

Audacity (Sound Editor) / Blender (Engine Studio) / Core (Game Editor)

Pixel Game Maker MV (Licence Owned) Roblox Studio (Game Editor)

RPG Maker MV (Licence Owned) RPG Maker VX Ace Lite (Open Licence)

VRoid Studio (Virtual Avatar Editor) / VSeeFace (Face Tracker.)