C Petrarca

C Petrarca

I like to read copy, tell jokes, write jokes and sometimes be jokes. 

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About C Petrarca

To see what I've been up to please visit www.cristinapetrarca.com and check out my completed works and resume. I have a background in eLearning, Commercials, video games, as well as a degree in Cat-Mom. 

In my spare time I also play the MMO Star Wars The Old Republic. I even wrote, produced and edited a podcast about it! I wrote a lot of bad, bad joke bits for it as well including this one:


The other joke bits from the podcast can be found here:


VO Syndicate - 2017

Instructed by Roger Becker
VO Bootcamp - 2018

Instructed by Carrie Faverty
Hyperbolic Audio - 2017

Shut Up And Talk

Instructed by Ed Lewis
The PIT - 2019

Improv 101

Instructed by Eric Hellwig
  • @skeever

    C Petrarca handed quality work and audio on time and was easy to work with, she seems like a hard-working professional and I loved her work. Pretty much nailed each line and gave the character a true identity. I hope to work with her in the future.