Jayden Nathan

Jayden Nathan

Passion is my drive, emotions are my fuel. Confidence is my meter, and my life are my quarters to it.

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About Jayden Nathan

My name is Jayden Nathanial Tycksen. I am 19. My professions are multimedia art, singing, voice acting, and writing/English literature. I hope to add modeling onto that list eventually here soon as I grow my internet and in-person reputations. I go by just any pronoun, although preferably they/them is more attuned to my style of androgyny style. I specialize in being goth, or looking homeless with a charm, and someday I hope to be doing voice work, concept art, and writing professional for others, appealingly game companies with good work environments. I take pride in who I am and how I operate. I know my worth and what my work means, therefore every submission I do is truly from my own dedication and drive to do so, even with knowing I will never always get a role, but I respect same role submitters, they are there for a reason too and I find admiration in them and their voice work, no matter their experience levels. Respect is important in profession, and I value it greatly, even if for nonprofit, the people then are what matters, and not the money that comes without care for who the work you're paid for is.


If it isn't paid but has a fun work environment that knows when to be serious, I am fully down to do nonprofit work. (You can assume what my choice is if it's an uncomfortable or rude environment). If it is paid and has the same environment as above, I will jump in, I will refuse to be paid just to handle a crude work environment. 

What Jayden Nathan is looking for

Most of my experiences lead me to Dragon Ball-esque projects, however horror, characters in games, and in-person musicals are projects I would LOVE to be in. What I want to get out of this is growth and understanding of the capabilities my body can handle. I joined casting call to gain experience to work toward what I am getting out of being here, and to eventually become a professional voice actor.