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idk what im doing with myself but this looks fun. might as well put myself out there in case. YOLO

West Hills - 2020

Beg. Theatre

Instructed by Karen Nylund-Lieb

Focus on beginning acting and technical theatre. Pantomime, improvisation, creative writing, scene work, monologues

Grossmont - 2023

Film as Literature

Instructed by Todd Bell

Learned how to analyze film, characterization, archetypes, and how film can often be like art and provide more than entertainment value. 

This course provides an academic and laboratory study of motion picture film as an art form. Films are studied in depth, from how films are actually created to how this art is achieved through control of such things as camera and lighting and angle. In addition to viewing, students read and write critical reviews and scripts.

Flying Hills School of the Arts - 2018

Creative Writing

Instructed by Cynthia Stolis

Learned how to express ideas creatively in the form of writing, narrative intricacies, descriptive proficiency, and the fine art of self-editing and revision. Inspired me to write outside of school.

Flying Hills School of the Arts - 2018

Seussical Jr. - Technical Theater

Instructed by Laura Geraci & Cynthia Stolis

Developed my art skills to create a set, props, and spotlights.

Grossmont - 2021


Instructed by Carolyn Jungman

Further developed my photography skills and my interest in visual art, as well as learn how to use Photoshop.

Covers the fundamentals of the art and technique of black and white photography. Students learn to use various types of cameras, from 35mm to digital as they take their own photographs, develop film and print their own pictures in the photography-enlarging lab. Areas that may be covered include studio and product photography, digital photography, special effects in the camera, photo lab, or on the computer, and image retouching. Students develop an aesthetic appreciation of photography through the introduction of principles of composition and elements of design. The historical and cultural context of photography is investigated and career opportunities are presented.

Flying Hills School of the Arts - 2016


Instructed by Valerie Barnes

Played a small role; Daniel Boone in a play called "The American Dream" or something along the lines of that. It won't even come up when searched but trust me it does exist.

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I could do something, I just haven't tried yet. Perhaps I haven’t unlocked my full potential. Why not?