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Beau The Bard

Jack of all trades, voicing for fun!

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About Beau The Bard

(They/She)  *  Artist/ Director/ Voice Actor  *  25  *  Mexican American

Hello~ I'm Beau! (Pronounced like that was supposed to rhyme)

With a background in theatre, I have experience both on and off stage, specializing in directing, acting, and video/audio editing. 

I can provide a large range of voices, from cute to sultry, old to young, I may have what you are looking for your project.

(This should go without saying, but all recordings are of my own voice and I do not approve of my voice being used for ai.)

Feel free to DM me. I’d love to help you bring your creations to life!

Saint Mary's College - 2020

Bachelors of Fine Arts

Instructed by
What Beau The Bard is looking for

I'll join projects that I believe sound fun! Whether the project is serious or more silly, I am passionate about giving high-quality work to allow the project to be the best it can be!