“If you're planning to expose a liar, then you have to corner them psychologically... Only then will they reveal their true self as a liar - hiding beneath a layer of deceit!"

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Heya! I’m Jade, welcome to my profile! I’m open to anything, and I’m best known from my variety of impressions I can do! ^^ I'm also a Youtuber who’s making a Animated Series! pronouns: She/He

I’m a 14 year old artist/animator that’s been up to it for about 2 years now!


Nothing, I’m broke. 

What ♠︎SirJade♠︎ is looking for

I felt the inspiration to share my voice (virtually) in little Fun-Sized projects! If fine with anything though, as long as we make friends along the way! -Jade

  • @ccCobweb

    I have looked through many of their submissions and they are the BEST for villains, also really good at changing their tone.