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Just a person loving to help people out.

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About The Blood Bullet

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I am a voice actor, developer, writer and scripter, and make animations.

I cannot reveal my age, but I will conform that I am over the age of 18.

My birthday is June 3rd.


Artist: I'm a novice, making decent and okay artwork. They aren't the best, plus, doing them is hard for me, so it takes me a long time.

Composer: I make weird music. I mostly try to make it as bast as possible with the program I use, but doesn't turn out that good. Almost all of my music is non-copyrighted, so you may use them without or with permission, either one works.

YouTuber: I make non-commentary videos such as stuff like horror, story, or shooter games, etc. My channel is named BloodBulletsProductions if you want to check there.

Sfw Voice Actor: Want me to sound like a narrator? Want me to be a person who is afraid? Want me to sound like a villain? Heck, maybe a generic htf character? Well, I cannot be a protagonist all the time, but you choose for me who I want to be. I can play either of those fine or perfectly or weirdly.

Animator: I rarely do animations, but try my best. It's not best to pick me as the animator, since I am mostly lazy and it is too hard for me to do. It's always hard for me to even make ten seconds in one hour.


There are no charges. I just roam freely, without the need for anything. But donations are optional.

What The Blood Bullet is looking for

I'm here because I was send by a friend, or a member from a Discord server. I want to get one game out of the way before doing other projects, mostly more animating, coding and that sort of jazz.

  • @rainbowfreddy789

    Casted them as a chill teen in my visual novel and they fir the bill perfectly. The fact they related to their character really amplifies how much they got into their character, and adapted to make themselves feel like the character themselves. Would recommend!