Need a voice actor? Better call Huxler! 😁

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About BetterCallHuxler

Hey, I'm Kieran! Scottish voice actor. 22 years old. 

If you're interested in collaborating or think my voice would be suited for your project, feel free to reach out! I'd love to work with you!

Contact Info

Discord: bettercallhuxler

Email: kierankennedyvo

You can check out some of the projects that I've voiced in here:


Works on contingency? 
No, money down! 

What BetterCallHuxler is looking for

I enjoy voicing in original projects as brand new characters but also love partaking in parodies and comedic animations. Also love gaming projects! 
I'm not above partaking in fan projects either. I love working on comic dubs, and LEGO brickfilms will always hold a special place in my heart. 

  • @yuichir_o

    Kieran is genuinely one of the best dudes I know. He's fully committed to his work, and puts 100% of himself into everything that he does. He's easy to talk to, has a good work ethic, and is very outgoing and friendly. He's able to make friends easy, and is able to adapt to new experiences quickly. I fully recommend him, as both a friend, and from a professional point of view.

  • @faulty

    I have known Huxler since 2016 and throughout the years I can honestly say he's a very hard worker who works well with what he makes, is very creative and is a really good friend. Once he started getting into voice acting he really just put in his all for that range of work and talent too and I'd fully recommend him for roles to whoever reads this as he like Xavier says will put in 100%. From a personal side he's a very funny and very trustworthy friend who has your back unless you did something extremely vile, while on a professional side he's really talented and gives his all into these characters he plays or sends auditions for to help give them life and feel like real people while also writing creative and hilariously well made stories for his own projects for people to take part in.

  • @xpert9026

    Very cool, very funny, very talented

  • @lucabuca2000

    dude is incredibly passionate for voice acting, incredibly talented at it, and VERY VERY VERY enthusiastic about doing voice work. he genuinely has the perfect voice for any character you'd need him to do, large range. he never misses the mark cause of being a perfectionist, so I highly suggest you check him out and his work.

  • @admiralalsimi

    Huxler is one of the best people I know. If he starts something, he WILL put in his EVERYTHING into it, no matter what it takes. An individual full of surprises and talents, truly a gem. Love dat guy <3

  • @daybreak-rblx

    I met Huxler through CastingCallClub when he was casted for my project, Daybreak. I was blown away with the talent displayed in his audition, and knew I had scored big with him onboard! But as I got to know Huxler I found that he was really endearing and a blast to be around. He has grown to become one of my favourite people and I always love talking to him. Ugh... the bugs are biting... If you are looking for someone with both an award winning personality and voice BetterCallHuxler is the best choice! <3 

  • @michael-firuta

    Great to work with!! Very great communication and easy to work with!!

  • @SalokReevil

    I just love his voice! In every line, in every word I hear the passion, the acting! I forgot to write some lines for audition for my project - Huxler just improvised and sent his own lines. Hard to describe, how impressed I was by his talent.
    Besides, he is a very friendly person who I enjoy to work with!

  • @bluehatanimator80

    This man has a voice straight out of a high quality film. He's really chill and helped me with a lego stopmotion project. He has a large range of chracter voices that he can do. I totally recommend 

  • @Shinobi_Project

    This guy has an insanely impressive vocal range and is excellent at doing voice impressions! He has provided multiple voices for my TikTok's and personal projects and never disappoints! 

  • @thainmer

    Huxler is an outstandingly talented voice actor. His vocal abilities are diverse and he can fit a variety of challenging roles. He is also a great addition to any team - active, charismatic, and contributing to the project. I would definitely recommend having him on your team.

  • @rexorexer

    Always a blast to work with Huxler. I am so glad to have had him on my team. He is a delight to be around and a very funny guy. Always impressed with the vocal performances he lends me. Cannot recommend him enough. 

  • @faintly-mil

    BetterCallHuxler did a great job voicing "News Reporter #4" in an upcoming episode of my animated series "The McNormals". His lines were great quality and exactly the voice I was looking for for the character. He is very easy to communicate with and also easy to work with!

  • @wolflowermovies

    Very good voice actor, was good with deadlines and did an excellent job! :)

  • @leva

    Huxler is an incredible voice actor! He has an amazing range and really brings the energy to the characters he voices. He is super kind and a very fun person to work with. Did you know he's also pretty good at Fortnite? I absolutely recommend this voice actor!

  • @deleted175710

    BetterCallHuxler was amazing to work with. He always gets his lines in on time and always puts in 110%, I highly recommend hiring him for voice work his acting is perfect!