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Hello. You can refer to me as Gumby I guess. I have a small YT channel called Burgess Be Gaming, but the first few videos I posted on the channel, I went under a different name: "Mario Skits & Stuff".

This old branding was an attempt to make Mario 64 Machinima videos with their own plot, concepts, and more, similar to other YouTubers who have done this like SMG4. It wasn't the best, as they were recorded using an N64 emulator on an Android phone, and I was very young so I couldn't get the best software to do so, nor could I have a good device to work with at the time. "Metal Mario's Rise" was actually one of the ideas that I had for a series, but I never got to get it past 1 episode.

So this project is a revival of the series I attempted back in 2017. Now that my technology and understanding of editing has improved since then (especially technology), I want to try remaking this series.

What Burgess Be Gaming is looking for

Just something that doesn't involve explicit swearing. I'm not really someone who's comfortable doing that on a mic.