soy juice <3

soy juice <3


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About soy juice <3

Hiiiiii !! I'm juice/sawyer/soy/barbie (whatever speaks to you most lmao idc)

@/barbieboooze on all socials (3 o's!)

I go by he/him, I like to draw (open for comms 😋) , and I like cats and rabbits ! I have a cat and a dog!

My dream career is to be a voice actor, and if not that then a mortuary cosmetologist!

I love all things pink and I'm a big fan or horror <3

I do not condone my voice or artwork to be recreated or used with AI.

I'm always open for dms, if I don't answer right away I'm prob busy or figuring out what to sayyy!

What soy juice <3 is looking for

usually original projects or voice impressions of fandoms I'm interested in!