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About Lady Aurrefor

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I'm a 23-year-old queer transwoman who enjoys making entertaining content, educating people, and playing video games.
Up to now, I've pretty much been a solo creator, with some collaborations here and there for my content on Twitch. I've written some pieces before, but I've been overly critical of them and never finished them and/or never published them. 

I pursued a short career in theatre, as a lighting and sound technician, and as an actor. While it was indeed a short career, I learned a lot about things I needed to be looking for as a director and fellow creator. Between this experience and creating some cover songs, I learned a thing or two about editing. (If you're looking for the covers, don't bother. I deleted that channel due to some dysphoria about my voice at the time.)

But I have always had a passion for creating beautiful, imaginative, and emotional content for others to enjoy.
I really hope you'll join me.